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GLV Founders


Goodnight Loving Story

The Goodnight Loving Spring, the source of our smoothness, got its name from Uncle Buster. Today this artesian spring has been harnessed by a father/son team and community of friends to create our award winning TRUE Texas vodka. We truly are “Spring to Bottle!”


Artesian Spring Water

Goodnight Loving Vodka begins with our artesian spring water, which travels through miles of rock layers and limestone imparting key minerals to each sip of our unique spirit. The water in the aquifer is rare, in that it has not seen the light of day in over 1,000 years. This effect naturally creates a smooth and slightly sweet flavor for our award-winning vodka.

Image of Texas Artesian Spring Water


Unmatched Flavor

Named as one of the best vodka’s on the planet by *Forbe’s Magazine, our award-winning vodka tastes as seriously smooth as the Goodnight Loving Spring’s name suggests.

One of the best vodkas on the planet

— Forbes Magazine

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